Wildcards is a weekly web series of improvisers, actors, and gamers playing Savage Worlds. The first campaign was set in the Deadlands: Reloaded setting, while the second campaign takes place in the East Texas University setting. The current campaign, Wildcards: Interludes, is currently airing Fridays at 8pm (Pacific time) on the Saving Throw Twitch channel. Previous episodes of both current and previous campaigns are archived on their YouTube .


Wildcards: Deadlands

The Deadlands campaign of Wildcards began on March 31, 2017 with "Episode 0 - Character Creation" (1x00), and concluded after five seasons on December 7, 2018 with "So Long" (5x12), with the talkback airing the week after on December 14, 2018.

Wildcards: East Texas University

The East Texas University campaign of Wildcards began on January 18, 2019 with "The Sweat Lodge" (1x01) and concluded after four seasons on May 8, 2020 with "Convergence" (4x08), with the talkback airing the week after on May 15, 2020.

Wildcards: Interludes (current campaign)

The Interludes special series of Wildcards, where each Wildcards player takes the helm as GM for a two-part one-off of their choosing, begins on June 12, 2020 with "Savage Indiana Jones: Part 1" (1x01).

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For a complete list of NPCs, see Wildcards (NPCs).

Wildcards is GM'd by Jordan Caves-Callarman.


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Main Cast

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