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Saving Throw Show is an independent channel that relies on viewers like you to keep on producing immersive and engaging content. There are several ways to support the channel, both free and monetary, and they are listed here on this page.


Sharing on Social Media[]

Sharing Saving Throw posts across social media is one of the best ways to spread the word about all the cool things happening on the channel. Some of the platforms Saving Throw is on include:

You can also share Saving Throw's Linktree, which is your one-stop shop for everything Saving Throw, from links to the website, calendar, and current shows, to links for all the great places you can find Saving Throw on, such as Twitch, YouTube, Patreon, and several social media links.


Watch and hit the "Like" button on Saving Throw VODs and subscribe to Saving Throw's YouTube channel. And if you always want to be on top of when an episode gets uploaded on YouTube, be sure to turn notifications on. You can also share YouTube VODs across social media to get more eyes on all the content Saving Throw has to offer.


Watch live on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, and hit the "Follow" button and turn notifications on to never miss out on a live show.


Tips via Streamlabs[]

Tipping via Saving Throw's Streamlabs page is one of the most direct ways to help support the channel monetarily. During most live shows, there are cumulative incentives where tips contributed add up to unlocking story rewards.

Bits via Twitch Chat[]

Sending bits via the chat on Saving Throw's Twitch channel is another direct way of supporting the channel. Bits are Twitch currency that can be bought through the chat window and sent through the chat to the streamer. During live shows, bits over 100 also contribute to unlocking story reward tiers, which are cumulative incentives.

Twitch Subscription[]

Subscribing to the Twitch channel gives you several perks that are great if you primarily watch live. You get access to channel emotes that you can use across Twitch, and you also get "abilities" you can use once per show per month, for the first time you sub plus for every month you resubscribe. Additionally, subscribing using a Prime Gaming sub gives you the same benefits as a regular Tier 1 sub.

NOTE: Abilities are subject to change at any time. We will not keep track of which abilities you have or haven't used each month as that would be a logistical challenge, so it is up to you keep track of them and let us know each month when you want to use them.

Ko-Fi Monthly Pledge & Tips[]

Becoming a monthly subscriber on Saving Throw's Ko-Fi page is great if you primarily watch the VODs and not live. There are several tiers you can pledge at, each with its own set of rewards. Additionally, you can also send one-time tips through the Ko-Fi page.