Uncanny Valley is a weekly web series of cosplayers playing in the World of Darkness. The series follows a party of five characters with supernatural powers living in Beckett, OR. The Storyteller is Steven Pope. The series airs live on the Saving Throw Show Twitch channel on Mondays at 8pm (Pacific time), and episodes are archived on their YouTube . The series began on XXXXX, 2017 with "Episode 1" (1x01).


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The story revolves around...


For a complete list of NPCs, see Uncanny Valley (NPCs).

Main Cast

  • Buckle playing the Demon (Psychopomp Saboteur), Ember.
  • Sydney playing the Prey Gatekeeper Geist, Mary.
  • Cait playing the Acanthus Apostate Mage, Clementine.
  • Beth playing the Esmaki Nemesis Beast, Jo.
  • Deanna playing the Antiquarian Darkling Changeling, GaaP.
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