Tyler Rhoades is an American producer, player and GM.


Before Saving Throw

Saving Throw

In late 2012 Tyler began playing 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with fellow friends including Dom Zook  and Ben Dunn. Having been Ben's first experience with RPGs, Dom and Tyler struggled to help Ben learn a game which was often counterintuitive. They took to the internet to find examples of play and were left wanting.


Saving Throw Filmography

Actual Plays

Year Title Role/Position System
2014 Pathfinder - ACME Livestream Spud Pathfinder
2015 Godsmite Ozure Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2015 Atomic Robo (ALZ 2015) Carl Sagan Fate
2015 Dread (ALZ 2015) Aaron Swanson Dread
2015 The Stormblossom Chronicles Inquisitor Peter Stormhelm Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2016 Pathfinder One-Shot for Humble Bundle & Paizo Twelleth Leafbiter Pathfinder
2016 7th Sea Swashbuckling RPG Don Fannuci Pinocchio 7th Sea
2016 Hoi Chummer! GM Shadowrun
2016 Thornwatch RPG Thornwatch
2016 Barky's Brigade Jopper Grow Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2016 Gen Con Barky's Brigade one shot Jamir Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2017 Strahd Must Die (Extra Life 2017) Corvus Malorai Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2017 Harry Potter RPG Homebrew (RPGES) Oliver Grambish Custom
2017 Relics of Nova Vita one shot Dile the Deadly Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2018 Starfinder: Absalom Station GM Starfinder
2018 Starfinder Mini Campaign GM Starfinder
2018 Hoi Chummer: Shadowrun Anarchy (ALZ 2018) GM Shadowrun Anarchy
2018 Deepwater Deep GM Starfinder
2018 It's Always Cloudy in Barovia Mirko Bolgausch Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2018 Fiasco: Gangster London (RPGES) Dicky Umbridge Fiasco
2019 Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic (RPGES) Alex Kusnetsov Savage Worlds
2019 Trial by Trolley (RPGES) Self Trial by Trolley
2019 Celebrity (Spring Break 2019) Self Celebrity (party game)
2019 Dark Lanterns Pulver Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2020 RPG Exploration Society - Altered Carbon Venga Altered Carbon RPG


Year Title Role/Position System/Focus
2017 Experience Pointers Guest GM Tips
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