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Trislynn Orana is a character played by NegaOryx on Pirates of Salt Bay. She made her first appearance in Ghosts of Salt Marsh Ep. 1 of 3.



When she is seen at all, Trislynn Orana's jet black eyes and tentacle-like horns which seem to sway in an invisible current can be...intimidating. And that's before her prehensile tail waves at you. When she has her hood down, sharing a drink with her friends, her lilac skin and long white hair draw the eye.

Trislynn cultivates a tough, bad-ass appearance which works on strangers; her crew finds it freaking adorable.


Upon first meeting Trislynn seems cold, ruthless, and generally unimpressed. Second through tenth meetings, same. But underneath the attitude she wears like armor Trislynn is surprisingly vulnerable, and cares about people more than she'll ever admit. Trislynn's Tots are an example of this, as is the burgeoning relationship with Dirty Hank.



Background is broken into the seasons we learned this information about the character, to minimise spoilers.

Season 0 (Ghosts of Salt Marsh)

Trislynn comes across as cold and unfriendly, and so does not share much of herself or her history, even with her crew.

At Eoj's recommendation Dirty Hank partnered with Trislynn for a kidnapping. To get into somewhere the best way was to kidnap somebody's child. During the kidnapping Trislynn lost two fingers.

Character Information

Name Trislynn Orana (she/her)
Class Rogue (Thief) 11
Race Void Tiefling
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Background Haunted One
Armor Class 14
Hit Points (Max) 91