"Swimmer in Nightmares" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of The Broken Pact. This episode aired live on April 19, 2021 on the Saving Throw Twitch channel and The Fantasy Network, and is archived on the YouTube channel.


The episode starts with the crew of the Moray a day's journey away from Chalcis, the underwater Triton city where they hope to find Odexes, Sapheia's son. There is some time to prepare for the upcoming dive to Chalcis, so Astorok and Tutturu are given swimming lessons. Soon after, a siren appears along with six Returned seahorses that the Pact fights off. It seems like Palomon, Odexes' father, was one of the Returned, and Sapheia was shaken up by this. The Pact finally get to the place on the surface of the ocean that is 1,000 feet above Chalcix, and they dive down to the underwater city, which appears to be mostly in ruins. The crew get to the back entrance of the throne room, avoiding the detection of patrolling bone sharks, and solve the pyramid puzzle to open the door to the throne room. Once inside, they see a giant undead trying to open the emergency bunker clam shell hidden behind the throne. It is revealed that this giant undead is Captain Finn, which the Pact defeated a couple of episodes back. He is joined by three of his crewmates, and right before initiative is called, the episode ends, setting the stage for the season finale.

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  • Chalcis, the underwater Triton city

Character & Cast Appearances

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  • Jordan was only present for the second half of the episode, so Reuben played the part of Astorok for a couple of scenes in the first half.
  • The crew meets up with the undead form of Captain Finn, the pirate captain, as well as his crew that the Pact fought in the episode "Cutthroat Maneuver" (4x03).
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