Sub-a-thon 2020 was an all-day marathon raising funds for Saving Throw and Twitch Stream Aid, a solidarity fund during the COVID-19 pandemic. This event aired live on March 28, 2020 from 9am PDT to 12am PDT on the Twitch channel, and was streamed remotely due to precautions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day's Events

The sub-a-thon started at 9am PDT with a general introduction to the day's events. The Return to Planet Sega Genesis adventure stretched from 9:30am PDT to 9:30pm PDT, with half-hour breaks in between. Closing out the day was a movie watchalong of Willow.

Background on Planet Sega Genesis

For an overview of the first Planet Sega Genesis adventure that occurred during a one-off episode of Barky's Brigade, see What Do You Call a Chaotic Evil Flumph? A Grumph.

Return to Planet Sega Genesis Sessions

No. Session VOD Link Runtime
1 Part 1 VOD 2:20:02
2 Part 2 VOD 1:58:27
3 Part 3 VOD 2:21:01
4 Part 4 VOD 2:01:43
5 Part 5 VOD 1:58:41

Character & Cast Appearances


Sessions 1-4 were DM'd by Dom Zook. Session 5 was GM'd by the Twitch subscriber chat.

Session 1 (9:30am PDT)

Session 2 (12pm PDT)

Session 3 (2:30pm PDT)

Session 4 (5pm PDT)

Session 5 (Twitch GMs) (7:30pm PDT)

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