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Steven Pope was born outside Sacramento, California in 1990 and then proceeded to live in the state of denial. He writes for geeky publications around the web when he’s not running narrative-driven games like MASKS or MonsterHearts.

Early life[]


Lead writer for Son of Oak game Queerz

Saving Throw[]

Saving Throw Filmography[]

Year Title Role/Position System
2016 Masks GM Powered by the Apocalypse
2016 Dark Sun Aodhan Rustiron Powered by the Apocalypse
2017 Uncanny Valley GM World of Darkness
2017 Harry Potter RPG Homebrew (RPGES) Sylvester McStallone Custom
2017 Werewolf: The Wild West (ALZ 2017) Jackson Oglethorpe Storytelling System
2017 Teenagers in Outer Space (RPGES) Mik-e Teenagers from Outer Space
2017 The God Machine Chronicle (RPGES) GM World of Darkness/ Chronicles of Darkness
2017 World Wide Wrestling RPG (RPGES) GM Powered by the Apocalypse
2017 Justice League Dark (Extra Life 2017) Frankenstein d20 System
2018 Garden of Good & Evil GM Changeling: The Lost 2e
Wildcards: Deadlands Savage Worlds
2018 Legacy GM City of Mist
2018 Hoi Chummer: Shadowrun Anarchy (ALZ 2018) Caramoggia Shadowrun Anarchy
2018 Until Dawn 2 - Dead of Winter Tootsie Savage Worlds
2018 Uncanny Valley: Cancer Cell Dr James Wolfe World of Darkness
2019 Valor & Villainy - Kickstarter preview Scrutt Board game
2019 Beastmasters of Yagga-Mor (ALZ 2019) Custom
2019 Shadows of the Mirror-Men King Z Mutants & Masterminds
2019 Monster of the Week (Spring Break 2019) GM Powered by the Apocalypse
2019 RPG Exploration Society - Shadow of the Demon Lord Copper Shadow of the Demon Lord
2019 New Pantheon GM Scion 2e (S1)

Demigods( S2-)

2020 Shadow of the Demon Lord Part 2 (RPGES) Copper Shadow of the Demon Lord
2020 New Pantheon: Academia GM Over Arms

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