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Welcome to the Saving Throw Show Official Wiki! Here you will find information about your favorite Saving Throw shows, cast and characters, and much more! To learn more about the history of Saving Throw, from its start as a Pathfinder tutorial series on YouTube to becoming a premier destination for a wide variety of TTRPG Actual Plays on both Twitch and YouTube, check out our History of Saving Throw page (currently under construction).


Before you set off on your editing voyage, please look over the STS Wiki Rules before you begin!

New to the Wiki?

If you are new to the wiki, first and foremost, it is a pleasure to have you here! Now, if this is your first time editing on a wiki, fear not, for there are plenty of resources available to help get you started!

  • Fandom has a series of videos and lessons called Fandom University that do a great job of explaining everything there is to know about the site. Of particular interest to new editors is their Editing 101 section that covers all the basics of editing! We especially recommend their Making Your First Contribution lesson, which is conveniently displayed below!

Fandom University - Making Your First Contribution

  • If you would like to discuss anything wiki-related with other community members, or if you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to check out the Wiki-Help channel in the Saving Throw Discord. We're always happy to help out in any way we can!


The following are projects we would like to prioritize:

  • Adding summaries, full synopses (detailed, extensive summaries) and any additional and relevant information to episode pages. Starting with current shows for now, and then moving on to inactive shows after that. You can find episode pages for shows either directly on the show page, or through a link on the show page. For examples on what we're looking for, see S2E9 (Pirates of Salt Bay episode) and The Burn (Wildcards: ETU episode).
  • Creating and expanding character pages. For examples on what we're looking for, see James Bogue and Bells.
  • Creating and expanding cast pages. For examples on what we're looking for, see Dom Zook and Meghan Caves.

Templates for Cast and Character Pages

If you're looking to create a cast or character page and don't want to manually recreate the layout used in the wiki, you can use the following templates. The way to use them is as follows:

   1. Open the template you want to use: Cast Page Template or Character Page Template
2. Click the green "EDIT" button near the top of the page.
3. Highlight the entire page and copy.
4. Click cancel to leave the editor (you do NOT have to save the template page).
5. Now, click the "Add new page" button near the top right of the wiki header
6. Name the new page (cast or character name)
7. Paste the template into the new page
8. Edit away!

A Note on Episode Pages

Episode pages are created by admin SimiDavid95. For current shows, he normally posts the episode page within a day after the episode airs live on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, though there may be delays in which case he'll post the episode page as soon as he can. Once the episode page is posted, you are free to add any relevant information to it such as summaries, NPCs, etc.

  • NOTE: The episode pages are posted with default sections (Synopsis, Plot, Locations, Cast, NPCs, Trivia). If you believe adding an additional section to a specific episode page is warranted and relevant (for example, a Monsters Encountered section), please feel free to do so! The only thing we ask is that you add any additional sections after the NPCs section.
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