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So what will you find here? Well info about all your favorite shows! Starting from our very first stream known as the "ACME" Pathfinder stream, through our current line-up and beyond!

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Current Shows

Owlbear Soup

RPG News, Reviews, Interviews & More!
Sundays at 2pm PT / 5pm ET.

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Dice Ex Machina

Season 2 airs
Wednesdays at 8pm PT / 11pm ET.

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Announcements & Schedule

Saving Throw will be airing several programs on our Twitch channel for Gen Con Online 2021, including a Mysterium RPG liveplay, a panel on producing and livestreaming RPGs, and a live adventure planning session! While tickets are not required to watch the shows (and they will be available afterwards on VOD), they do help signal to Gen Con that Saving Throw has a lot of interest around it and worth investing resources in, especially once we eventually return to the in-person event. Plus, they're free! You must first get a free badge to the event here, and then get your free tickets here. Hope to see you all there, either during the livestreams or on the VODs afterwards!

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Sunday, September 12:

  • Join the Chefs as they cook up an all-new episode of Owlbear Soup at 2pm PT!

Wednesday, September 15:

Thursday, September 16:

  • Join Meghan Caves as she takes her cast on a journey into the mysterious world of Mysterium - part of Gen Con Online weekend - at 10am PT!

Friday, September 17:

  • Join Dom Zook as he gives you the rundown on what it takes to produce and livestream RPGs - part of Gen Con Online weekend - at 4pm PT!

Next on the Saving Throw Twitch channel:

Live Adventure Planning with Owlbear Soup
Gen Con Online
on September 19 at 2pm PT