"S2E4" is the fourth episode of the second season of Pirates of Salt Bay. The episode aired live on January 28, 2020 on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, and is archived on the YouTube channel.


DM Aabria Iyengar returns to shepherd our favorite salty dogs (Eric Reichert, Teri Gamble, NegaOryx, and Havana Mahoney) back onto the high seas in a game with absolutely no shenanigans whatsoever. None. Whatsoever. But along with the utter lack of out-of-character hijinks, the privateers are hired by a fabulous merman, receive a warning from Thrane about a not-so-defeated multi-armed adversary, and possibly turned the pair of ‘Ships in the crew into a full boat. Check out a few highlights.

Full Synopsis


  • Waterdeep
  • Daggerford
  • The Horned Bitch (the Salt Baes' ship)

Character & Cast Appearances


Main Cast


  • Sheedo - A merfolk Cleric of Oghma from the library of Candlekeep, slender, looks like a humanoid betta fish. Teal skin, tendrilly fins of indigo. Contacts the crew about a job
  • Tycha - A Warforged Greyhand who is accompanying the crew to investigate the frost monster attacks at Waterdeep, has largely ended up nanny to Rose. A very tall construct made of brassy gold, looks like a very ornately dressed Elven woman (but has noted they are not a woman).
  • Thrane - Dwarven God of storms, assisted Dirty Hank and Trislynn in holding out against Hadal
  • Hadal - Elder God of the Ultra Abyss, offered favours for obedience and ended up possessing some of the crew
  • Karen - Rose' previous nanny, an annoying harridan but very good with Rose. Was murdered at Waterdeep by beings unknown.
  • Rose - Eoj and Addi's daughter, sometimes played by NegaOryx
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