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"S1E7" is the seventh episode of the first season of the Academia campaign of New Pantheon. This episode aired live on January 10, 2021 on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, and is archived on the YouTube channel. Of note, this episode was streamed remotely due to precautions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.


It's parents day at Northpoint, and half of the crew need to handle their loving and attentive parents' interest in the recent disasters on campus, while the other half handle their parents' absence and apparent lack of interest.

An unexpected visitor in their group chat has information on the Phantom Queen, but the details only lead to more questions.

Full Synopsis


  • Northpoint Academy, in Washington State, USA
  • Northpoint Cemetery
  • Dennys (not visited but discussed with such great frequency it bears noting)

Characters & Cast

Main Cast



  • Victor and Lorraine Snow - Iris' parents, spend most of their time travelling around the world, occasionally contact Iris through letter or postcard that they sign with their full names.
  • Joseph and Karima Brown - Manny's parents. Karima looks a lot like Manny, deep brown olive skin, long gorgeous wavy hair, big brown eyes. She's very petite, willowy in build and smartly dressed. Quite covered up (long sleeves etc) as part of her Muslim faith, but doesn't wear hijab or other hair covering. Appears warm and kind. Joseph is taller, darkly skinned man with slicked black hair combed back and a tightly trimmed beard, wears glasses and charcoal grey outfit that he looks slightly uncomfortable in. Not too bougie but they are quite affluent looking. Appears warm and kind.
  • Dorian and Edith Windgrove - Dahlia's parents, very artsy types. Edith is very short, wears sundresses and glasses with a beaded chain around her neck, big bushy curly hair, has some paint smeared on the front of her dress like she might've used it as a smock, some dried clay on the hem. Dorian wears a sweater vest with an untucked button up shirt underneath, the 'educational' looking parent. Salt and pepper grey hair and dress slacks. He's a house musician that plays in a band around their local area.
  • Kim Navarro - A ghost girl who in life was a student at Northpoint, who had the Morrigan as her Divinity.
  • Dr Oliver Ash (The Dean) - Dean of Northpoint school, somehow involved in setting students up with Divinities 10 years prior.
  • Gemma Rhodes - Divinity club member with Kim, Kyle and John. Divinity was Anansi
  • John Ram - Divinity club member with Kim, Gemma and Kyle. Built like Lenny, had Divinity Quetzacoatl
  • Kyle - Divinity club member with Kim, Gemma and John. Divinity was Skaven.


  • Orpheus - God of dreams, currently in super cute goth bunny form. He acts as the group's mentor of sorts in the battle against the Phantom Queen. Introduced S1E1
  • Xander Carlisle - Member of the safety squad and the drama club, and the son of Sue, PA to Lenny's dad. Introduced S1E5
  • Susan Carlisle - Lenny's dad's personal assistant, who seems to care much more about Lenny than his dad does, and mother of one of the other students, Xander.
  • RIPMika (character) - One of the mean kids on campus, part of a gang of ne'er-do-wells. Named after cast member Mika Midgett's screen name. Introduced S1E2
  • Loki - Of unknown allegiance, but has torn a hole into the Phantom Queen's realm and has been throwing keys out - whether to help or cause chaos.