As a student in Bigby's Wizarding Academy, Ruckus was always trying to prove himself to be worth the respect of his peers, even when no one was belittling him. He figured because of his small stature, no one would take him seriously as a wizard. He lashed out, especially at another Gnome Wizard named Beleren.

After an incident in which Beleren saved the life of Fizzlebottom, thereby earning his respect, Ruckus began training with Beleren. They became good friends, and over time, inseparable. After the Academy, they parted ways- Beleren had become an understudy to a powerful teacher, and wished to learn more by traveling with him. Ruckus went his own way, training under many other teachers until coming into his own.

Soon after, he heard of a string of disappearances happening throughout the land, and that portals were involved- the same portals that Beleren once used. Ruckus then set out to find what had become of his old friend...