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Reuben Bresler is a TTRPG player best known as the DM for The Broken Pact, a D&D liveplay program produced by Saving Throw Show that airs on the D&D Twitch and YouTube channel.


Before Saving Throw

Saving Throw


  • Host of Magic Mics, a Magic: The Gathering podcast

Saving Throw Filmography

Actual Plays

Year Title Role/Position System
2018 Izzet Christmas Yet? One Shot GM Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2018 The Broken Pact DM Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2019 The Broken Pact (S2E11) Guest player

Agent Kendall

Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2020 Pirates of Salt Bay Jasper J Bilgewater Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2020 Sub-a-thon 2020 Farwor Bafflestone Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2020 Minions of Mayhem (ALZ 2020) Herc For the Dungeon
2020 Dice Ex Machina Claw Dungeons & Dragons 5e