"Owlbear Soup - April 25 2021" is the fourth episode of the Saving Throw run of Owlbear Soup. This episode aired live on April 25, 2021 on the Saving Throw Twitch channel and on The Fantasy Network, and is archived on the YouTube channel.


In this episode, hosts Richard Malena-Webber and Justin Turner kicked off the show with the latest RPG news including the following: Gen Con announces the Pop-Up Gen Con 2021 program for local gaming stores; Kickstarter for Game Toppers 3.0; Cubicle 7 renewing the Lone Wolf Adventure Game; Asmodee Games to distribute Plague Inc.; Traps, Trammels, and Triggers on DMs Guild; Dungeon Decorators from SlugFest Games; new studio blog from D&D called Who We Are And What We Do.

After the news, they took a look at the new Fallout RPG from Modiphius. Then, Rich interviews guest Tracy Barnett, while Justin is later joined by guest Dr. Jessica Hebert. Finally, the show concludes with Rich, Justin and the guests continuing to build an adventure with the help of the Twitch chat.


Owlbear Soup is hosted by Richard Malena-Webber and Justin Turner.

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