"Owlbear Soup - April 18 2021" is the third episode of the Saving Throw run of Owlbear Soup. This episode aired live on April 18, 2021 on the Saving Throw Twitch channel and on The Fantasy Network, and is archived on the YouTube channel.


In this episode, hosts Richard Malena-Webber and Justin Turner kicked off the show with the latest RPG news including the following: Kickstarter for Venture Maidens campaign guide for D&D 5E; Kobold Guide to Monsters from Kobold Press to be released on May 27th; Paizo looking for GMs for Gen Con; several conventions will be hosted online, such as PaizoCon Online and Gen Con Online, although Gen Con will also tentatively have an in-person con as well running in tandem with its online con; Game Manufacturers Association Con will be held from March 14-18, 2022 in Reno, Nevada; Humble Comics Bundle: New and Classic D&D out until May 3, 2021.

After the news, they took a look at the Draconic Options from Unearthed Arcana 2021, which is up on the D&D website. Then, Rich interviews guest Keith Baker, while Justin is later joined by guest Dickie Adams. Finally, the show concludes with Rich, Justin and Dickie build an adventure with the help of the Twitch chat.


Owlbear Soup is hosted by Richard Malena-Webber and Justin Turner.

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