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New Pantheon: Academia is the second and current campaign of the Saving Throw show New Pantheon. The campaign is set in the Over Arms system, and features a mix of new cast members and returning cast from New Pantheon: Demigods (the first campaign).

New Pantheon: Academia premiered on Sunday, November 15, 2020 with "S1E1" (1x01). Episodes air live on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, and are archived on the YouTube channel.

Links to the YouTube playlist for the entirety of the New Pantheon run (Demigods, Academia), as well as several podcast links, can be found through Linktree.


Four students of a prestigious boarding school are stuck being the only ones who can help save the gods - but gaining badass powers definitely makes up for some of the inconvenience.


For a list of episodes, see New Pantheon: Academia (episodes).

Cast & Characters

Steven Pope is the Headmaster (GM) for all seasons of the show.

Main Cast

Season 1

Season 2 onwards


For a list of NPCs, see New Pantheon: Academia (NPCs).