New Pantheon is a weekly TTRPG campaign where mythology and gods are real and mixed into a modern-day setting. The first season used the Scion 2e system, and beginning with the second season, the show switched over to the Demigods setting of the Powered by the Apocalypse system.

New Pantheon premiered on May 5, 2019 with "S1E1" (1x01), and is currently on hiatus. The show aired live on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, and episodes are archived on the YouTube channel.


For individual episode plots, see New Pantheon (episodes)

In a world where all gods are real and mythological beasts regularly disrupt the lives of citizens in an otherwise normal modern day setting, the children of the gods - scions or demigods - have a special role to play.

In New Pantheon we follow four such demigods as they deal with daily life, epic fate, and very complicated families.


For a list of episodes, see New Pantheon (episodes).

Cast & Characters

New Pantheon is GM'd by Steven Pope.


Main Cast


Main Cast

Guest Cast


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