Mysterium was a mini-series inspired by the board game of the same name, set over two installments: Mysterium at Bainbridge Estate and Mysterium: Hidden Signs. The former used the Risus: The Anything RPG system, while the latter switched over to the Savage Worlds system.

Mysterium premiered on March 26, 2018 with "Bainbridge Estate Episode 1" (1x01), and concluded after two installments on June 3, 2019 with "Hidden Signs Episode 3" (2x03). The show aired live on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, and episodes are archived on the YouTube channel.


Mysterium at Bainbridge Estate

In 1922, Lorraine Bainbridge invited four famed psychics to her estate. There had been strange phenomena in the house, Lorraine's husband was acting oddly, and her son Aidan had become ill. Fearing for his life and as a big believer in spiritualism, Lorraine invited the four to investigate and hopefully save her son.

Mysterium: Hidden Signs

A couple of years after the events at Bainbridge Estate, four psychics are called through their abilities to the village of Edenvale, where a young boy has just died in mysterious and gruesome circumstances and townspeople are beginning to fall sick after seeing a strange woman in white.

Wildcards: Interludes (Mysterium: New Orleans)

As part of the Saving Throw show Wildcards: Interludes, GM Meghan Caves will be running a two-part Mysterium game Mysterium: New Orleans. Links to both parts: Part 1, Part 2.


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Cast & Characters

Mysterium was GM'd by Meghan Caves.

Mysterium at Bainbridge Estate

Mysterium: Hidden Signs


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