Mac Beauvais is an artist, actor, writer, model, Tarot reader, gamer, and maybe probably a werewolf.


Before Saving Throw

Saving Throw


Saving Throw Filmography

Actual Plays 

Year Title Role/Position System
2016 Miss Adventures Jana Quiqby Pathfinder (Harry Potter Homebrew)
2016 Phoenix Dawn Command Varya Phoenix Dawn Command RPG
2017 Supernatural RPG (RPGES) Tash Johnson Cortex System
2017 Buffy FATE Homebrew GM FATE
2017 Werewolf: The Wild West (ALZ 2017) GM Storytelling System
2017 Nitrate City RPG (RPGES) Lenora Cliffton FATE
2017 Grimm (RPGES) Greta Grindle Linear d6 System
2017 Monsterhearts RPG (RPGES) The Mortal Powered by the Apocalypse
2017 Atomic Horror (RPGES) Lucy Wolf GURPS
2017 Teenagers from Outer Space GM GURPS
2017 Delta Green 2017 (RPGES) Sandra Jespersen Call of Cthulu
2017 STS Previews: Pigsmoke Pigsmoke RPG
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