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Lennox "Lenny" Thatcher is a character played by Eric Reichert on New Pantheon: Academia. Lenny made his first appearance on New Pantheon: Academia, episode 1.



Lenny is 6 foot tall, very well defined muscle mass with very little fat. Ideal high school quarterback kind of guy. Everything about his appearance is "the way it's supposed to be".

Divinity (Anima) Ninkasi

Ninkasi appears as a 7 foot tall clay jar wrapped in bands of metal with gold trimming, which are covered in glowing Sumerian runes that hover off the bands. In the centre are jewelled eyes, and reeds stick out of the top.


Lenny is fairly friendly, and upholds his responsibilities as a Residential Assistant faithfully, although somewhat resentfully and only while he's on the clock. Lenny is forcing himself very strictly into what his dad wants him to be, and stomps down hard on any interests or emotions that don't fit into that ideal. Lenny accepts his fathers words as Gospel for the time being but he seems to be open to learning better. Manny's emotional intelligence makes them a wonderful friend for Lenny who seemingly denies his emotions in favor of what is expected by society. He obligingly lives the 'bro' life but also is the RA of the floor and takes that responsibility very seriously.



Lenny has a rich father who puts incredible pressure on him and expects him to go into politics, and has paid for some of the buildings at Northpoint Academy. Lenny plays a lot of sports - football, basketball, lacrosse and golf. He is also involved in several clubs and volunteers for many responsibilities that he is told will look good on his resume and prepare him for a future in politics. He is also the RA for his floor.

Character Information 

Divinity (Anima) Ninkasi
Type Magician
HP 20
Divinity Points 16
Dexterity d6
Intelligence d8
Charisma d4
Strength d12