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Legacy was a weekly long-form actual play campaign where a group of improvisers, actors and gamers played City of Mist, a superhero noir RPG.

Legacy premiered on March 17, 2018 with the session zero "S1E0" (1x00), and ran for one season before concluding on June 18, 2018 with "S1E10" (1x10). The show aired live on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, and episodes are archived on the YouTube channel.



For a list of episodes, see Legacy (episodes).

Cast & Characters[]

Main Cast[]

  • Steven Pope as the GM
  • Alyssa Appleton as Bryn, weapons forger whose rift is Scadi
  • Sydney Stechmann as Lorelai, an eco warrior whose rift is a Holdra
  • Kelly Nugent as Missy Littleleaf, president of her wine club, PTA and homeowners association. Her rift is Nemesis
  • Jordan Pridgen as Anaximander 'Mander' Crane a lounge singer whose rift is Dionysis


For a complete list of NPCs, see Legacy (NPCs).

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