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Jordan Pridgen born on May 11th, is an American actor and comedian. He lives in Los Angeles, CA and performs sketch comedy with his team "The Money Pit".

Early life[]

Jordan was born and raised in Richmond, VA. He attended the University of Virginia where he earned a BA in Computer Science. An active filmmaker from a young age, Jordan eventually moved to LA to pursue directing, writing, and editing films. 

Jordan started playing Dungeons & Dragons in elementary school with AD&D books borrowed from a friend's brother and has been playing RPGs since. He still owns a full shelf of 3rd edition books, most of which he never managed to really utilize.  

He once had a job as a segway tour guide and was pretty good at it.  

Favorite Games[]

Savage Worlds,


Everyone is John


Jordan works as a software developer making websites and applications. He has developed games for properties like Dr. Seuss and Curious George.

He is also an active independent filmmaker, though people don't tend to actually pay him for that often enough. Total BS.

Saving Throw[]

Jordan Pridgen joined Saving Throw as a cast member of Dark Sun season 2 on June 25th, 2016. He was then a regular cast member on Masks, and most recently the Deadlands Reloaded campaign Wildcards.

He has also played in a number of one-offs, guest spots, and mini campaigns during his time on the channel.

Other work[]

Jordan is an active filmmaker and comedian, performing monthly sketch shows with his group "The Money Pit" out of The Nerdist School Theater. He also records the improvised parody podcast "This American Lie" and produces short films with The Nerdist School and his former community production group "Senior Ditch Day"

Saving Throw Filmography[]

Actual Plays[]

Year Title Role/Position System
2016 Masks Swole Powered by the Apocalypse
2017 Wildcards: Deadlands Gabriel Prior Savage Worlds
2017 The Ironkeep Chronicles Adriel Vequaniel Adelphie or AVA Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2017 Lords of Gray Haven Tibb Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2017 Strahd Must Die (Extra Life 2017) Grobak the Redeemed Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2017 STS Previews: Symbaroum Fenya Symbaroum
2017 Teenagers from Outer Space (RPGES) Nug Slick Teenagers from Outer Space
2017 Wizards, Warriors and You (ALZ 2017) GM Wizards, Warriors and You
2017 RPG Exploration Society - Noches del Fuego Ramon Hidalgo Cortex System
2017 Buffy RPG - FATE Homebrew (RPGES) Raymond Prince Fate
2017 NPC Game Unlock (RPGES) Meepo Roll for Shoes
2017 Roll for Shoes "The Imps of Hell" Balwager Grobert Roll for Shoes
2018 East Texas University: Undeclared Crispin "Kip" Springfield Savage Worlds
2018 Legacy Anaximander 'Mander' Crane City of Mist
2018 The Broken Pact Astorok Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2018 Harry Potter RPG One shot Leo 'Pretty Boy' Leonidis Savage Worlds
2018 Starfinder Mini Campaign Nolbavabek Starfinder
2018 Deepwater Deep Nolbavabek Starfinder
2018 Mysterium at Bainbridge Estate Horace Duncombe III Risus: The Anything RPG
2018 Fiasco: Gangster London (RPGES) Gavin 'Hobb' Hobbs Fiasco
2018 Twitch GMs (Sub-a-thon 2018) Custom Twitch GMs system
2019 Mysterium: Hidden Signs Horace Duncombe III Savage Worlds
2019 KeyHouse (ALZ 2019) Aaron Bennett Savage Worlds
2019 Wildcards: East Texas University Josh Sawyer Savage Worlds
2019 The Pony Express Dr Alfalfa "Doc" Sprout Lasers & Feelings
2019 Twilight Protocol Padre Ernesto de Diaz Savage Worlds
2019 Twilight Protocol Abram Grothe Savage Worlds
2019 Celebrity (Spring Break 2019) Celebrity (party game)
2020 Decuma (RPGES) Decuma RPG System Worldbuilding
2020 Sub-a-thon 2020 Eraturim Ophinshtalajiir Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2020 Deadlands: Lawless Elden Fallon Savage Worlds
2020 Savage Indiana Jones (Wildcards Interludes) Sallah Savage Worlds
2020 Necessary Evil (Wildcards Interludes) Terrorsaur Savage Worlds
2020 Savage Castlevania (Wildcards Interludes) GM Savage Worlds
2020 Mysterium: New Orleans (Wildcards Interludes) Horace Duncombe III Savage Worlds
2020 Wildcards: Nightlinger's Traveling Carnival of the Extraordinary Midas Buchanan Savage Worlds
2020 Dice Ex Machina Lysandros Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Non Fiction[]

Year Title Role/Position System/Focus
2017 Experience Pointers Guest GM Tips
2019 Mana Dorks Host MTG Arena