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James Bogue is a character appearing in Wildcards. Created by Dom Zook, Bogue is the posse's hardened gunslinger with a haunted past. He made his first appearance in Episode 0 - Character Creation (Wildcards: Deadlands episode).



Tall, thin, and wiry, Bogue is not an intimidating figure. Bogue's age shows through the graying hair around his temples and his bushy mustache. His hands are rough and his skin has a permanent tan on all exposed areas. He wears muted colors, and his pants and duster are coated in trail dust and mud. The one article of clothing with any color is the silk bandanna he wears around his neck, which is a ruddy maroon. His eyes are a piercing blue.


Often being the voice of caution, James nonetheless has a dark tendency to "see red." While his figure isn't imposing, his cold eyes give the impression to all who meet him that he is not one to cross. Despite this, he has a soft heart for those who manage to make their way into his inner circle.



Born in rural Louisiana to sharecroppers, James Bogue had a rough childhood. His parents and two older siblings were killed in a barn fire when he was only five, and he was sent to live with his grandfather Anderson Bogue. Anderson taught Bogue all about surviving on the land, how to stand up for one's self, and most importantly, how to shoot a gun.

Before Coldwater Creek[]

When Bogue turned 16 he joined the Confederate Army out of duty to his family and friends. Although the cause didn't sit well with him he was nonetheless caught up in the fervor. His skills as a marksman and demolitions expert caught the attention of commanding officers and he was sent to the front lines. He was captured by the Union in 1864 and was being transferred to a military prison in Illinois when a Confederate outfit ambushed the prison train and broke out the prisoners. Esther Wynn was amongst the group responsible for breaking them out. Bogue and Wynn became close as they made their way back across enemy lines.

Character Information[]


Vow (Major) - Bogue swore to the Padre of Deception that he would avenge their deaths and kill the man responsible.

Death Wish - He often cares little for his own life, and when presented with dangerous odds will often take risks.

Cautious - The above having been said, Bogue is still prone to take things slow and can, at times, become preoccupied with finding the "right" way to do things.


(see Character Notes at right)


(these are the skills Bogue had at the end of the campaign - note these are pre-SWADE rules)

Shooting - d12

Fighting - d8

Notice - d6

Riding - d6

Streetwise - d6

Tracking - d6

Intimidation - d8

Guts - d6


Colt Peacemaker - Bogue's main weapon until the discovery of "Lifedrinker"

Lifedrinker - An enchanted Colt 1851 Navy Revolver, Lifedrinker "chose" Bogue after its previous owner died. The weapon could be used as a normal single-action revolver, but it constantly called out to Bogue for power. By giving his lifeforce to the weapon, he could magically supercharge the bullets to do great damage.