Iris Snow is a character played by Kelly Nugent on New Pantheon: Academia. Iris made her first appearance on New Pantheon: Academia, episode 1.



Iris is tall, has big scary eyes that are really dark, and her hair is long and dark and messy all the time. Her skin is unhealthily pale in a "needs to spend more time in the sun" kind of way. She has dark circles under her eyes. 

Divinity (Anima) Kali

If you look at Kali out of the corner of your eye, she is 8 feet tall, skin shimmering with the depth of space. She is humanoid in that she has arms, but has four of them. One is holding a sickle, one a trident, one a severed head, and the other a skull cup collecting blood from the severed head.

If you look at her directly however Kali appears as a kind of swirly vortex with tendrils holding the same items.


Iris is terrified of death, doing everything in her power to learn about the ways people can die, and avoid them. As a result she hates potentially deadly things including but not limited to storms, germs and rodents. She also hates mirrors although has not elaborated on why.

She sends a lot of emails to Lenny Thatcher about the state of their dorm.



Iris is known by other students for trying to hand out pamphlets on Ways You Can Die and for occasional hysterical screaming.

Character Information 

Divinity (Anima) Kali
Type Magician
HP 16
Divinity Points 20
Dexterity d10
Intelligence d12
Charisma d4
Strength d6
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