Gaurav Gulati is a male human being from the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy.


Before Saving Throw

Saving Throw


Saving Throw Filmography

Actual Plays

Year Title Role/Position System
2017 Wildcards: Deadlands Howell Melton Savage Worlds
2017 Prickly Tallstag and the Danger Seekers, Pears Derven Tallstag Savage Worlds
2018 East Texas University: Undeclared Prakash "PK" Dureja Savage Worlds
2019 Wildcards: East Texas University Calvin Everett Jr. Savage Worlds
2019 Twilight Protocol Sgt. Elijah Clay Savage Worlds
2019 Dark Lanterns DM Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2020 Sub-a-thon 2020 Ruckus P. Fizzlebottom Dungeons & Dragons 5e
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