Eric Reichert born on June 5th, is an American Comedian and Editor.

Early life

Eric was born in Northern California and moved down to Los Angeles because he didn't have any friends.



Saving Throw

Saving Throw Filmography

Actual Plays

Year Title Role/Position System
2016 Dark Sun Yenin Markorvich Dungeon World
2017 Lords of Gray Haven GM Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2018 Garden of Good & Evil Musab Anderson-Gladstone Changeling: The Lost
2019 Ghosts of Saltmarsh Dirty Hank Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2019 Pirates of Salt Bay Dirty Hank Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2019 New Pantheon Flynn Demigods 
2019 The Ironkeep Chronicles Alton Newbury Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2018 The Ironkeep Chronicles Greyson Hail Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2019 Twilight Protocol Sgt. Elijah Clay Savage Worlds
2020 Sub-a-thon 2020 Pattin Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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