Eoj Reymurts is a character played by Teri Gamble on Pirates of Salt Bay. He made his first appearance in Ghosts of Salt Marsh Ep. 1 of 3.



As Eoj is happy to point out, he is tall (5') for a halfling. His dark green eyes and magnificent mustache fight for attention with the colourful scarves he wears to cover his shaven head. By the estimation of both Eoj and Addi, his booty is in fact too juicy.


Eoj could light up a room--if alternating between friendly oversharing and crippling self-doubt generated a current. Eoj's first concern is for the people around him, whether he knows them or not. Personable to a fault, his eagerness to make new friends is matched only by his certainty that he has already done something to offend them. Despite his doubts, however, Eoj is certain of two things: his love for Addi and his love for their child. And that he never thought of Karen in that way; okay, three things.



Character Information

Name Eoj Reymurts (he/him)
Class Fighter (Champion) 11
Race Halfling
Alignment Chaotic Good
Background Fisherman
Armor Class 18
Hit Points (Max) 81
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