Emancipation "Manny" Brown is a character played by Aki on New Pantheon: Academia. Manny made their first appearance on New Pantheon: Academia, episode 1.



Short wavy hair, very deep olive brown skin, hazel eyes. There's a very North-African vibe to what they look like. They're lanky and about 5'8.

Divinity (Anima) Ma'at

Ma'at looks humanoid in the sense they have arms and legs, but their arms are covered in a sort of feathers that never turn into hands. Their feet end in talons. The feathers around their eyes are very defined, almost like they're wearing a really great winged eyeliner. Their beak is a solid gold colour. One of their arms is wrapped around a set of scales.


Manny is kind and forthright, they are not particularly intelligent but stay calm and factual in the face of the unknown.



Manny is manager of the school pep squad, and takes their responsibilities seriously.

Character Information 

Divinity (Anima) Ma'at
Type Guardian
HP 24
Divinity Points 12
Dexterity d6
Intelligence d4
Charisma d10
Strength d8
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