Dom Zook is an American producer and director. His last name rhymes with book, look, and took.


Before Saving Throw

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, the son of Phil & Michelle, Dom grew up with a love of cartoons, video games, and trivia. He began playing RPGs in the 3rd grade in a small island town near Seattle, WA, starting with the D&D Basic Set before eventually moving to AD&D 2nd Edition. He played well into high school when other priorities took over. Although he no longer played, he always remained close to his RPG beginnings and vowed to pick it up again. Flash forward 20 years. Now living in Los Angeles, Zook and several other gamer friends decided to take up a regular group once again.

Saving Throw

In late 2012 Dom began playing 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with fellow friends including Tyler Rhoades and Ben Dunn. Having been Ben's first experience with RPGs, Dom and Tyler struggled to help Ben learn a game which was often counterintuitive. They took to the internet to find examples of play and were left wanting.


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