Dirty Hank is a character played by Eric Reichert on Pirates of Salt Bay. He made his first appearance in Ghosts of Salt Marsh Ep. 1 of 3.



On his better days Dirty Hank could be described as "unkempt" though most of the time he lives up to his name. Dirty Hank has dirty red hair and beard, brown eyes, and a "fighter's nose" which has definitely paid the price for hard lessons learned.


Dirty Hank is generally easy going, with a friendly demeanor. Much to the surprise of everyone, including Dirty Hank, he often acts as the voice of calm and reason, trying to avoid conflicts which might harm his crew (or his drink). But when combat starts the fiercely loyal dwarf will fight to defend what he believes is right (and his drink). It is a rare moment that Dirty Hank is not going to, coming from, or currently enjoying an alcoholic beverage, though his friends have noticed something like restraint in his drinking habits of late.



  • known to the god Helm as the "Chucklef*ck of Thrane"
  • Hank's Dwarven Name:

Character Information

Name Dirty Hank (he/him)
Class Monk (Elemental Disciple) 12
Race Dwarf
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Background Sailor (Ship's Passage)
Armor Class 14
Hit Points (Max) 87
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