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Dice Ex Machina is a weekly D&D 5e actual play on Saving Throw, using the Magic: The Gathering-inspired Theros setting.

Dice Ex Machina premiered on Monday, November 16 with "Gods Willing" (1x01). The show airs live on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, and episodes are archived on the YouTube channel.

Links to the YouTube playlist for Dice Ex Machina, as well as several podcast links, can be found through Linktree.


The stars are in flux yet again as we peer into the thus far unwritten journey of a misfit band of four heroes in the Magic: the Gathering world of Theros.


For a list of episodes, see Dice Ex Machina (episodes).

Cast & Characters

Main Cast

Riley Silverman is the MythKeeper (GM) for both seasons of Dice Ex Machina.

Season 1

Season 2


For a complete list of NPCs, see Dice Ex Machina (NPCs).