Dahlia Windgrove is a character played by Mika Midgett on New Pantheon: Academia. Dahlia made her first appearance on New Pantheon: Academia, episode 1.



Dahlia is very short, about 4'9 with a short bob haircut that's very curly and unruly. She wears patterns that don't match. She has very, very bright green eyes and very fair skin. 

Divinity (Anima) Persephone

Persephone is incredibly beautiful, has hair that doesn't seem to end which is very curly and luscious and interwoven with flowers. She's covered in flora and twigs and flowers, harvest flowers that are in bloom at this time of year. Stands with confidence, like a queen.


Dahlia is a very bubbly person and tries to stand out. She is particularly passionate about acting and drama club, but so far has not managed to land any major roles in the drama club productions.



Dahlia is very involved in the Northpoint drama club.

Character Information 

Divinity (Anima) Persephone
Type Magician
HP 12
Divinity Points 16
Dexterity d10
Intelligence d8
Charisma d12
Strength d4
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