Barky's Brigade was a Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign featuring a group of improvisers, actors and gamers. The campaign revolved around the wonderful adventures of a misfit band of heroes affectionately known as Barky's Brigade.

Barky's Brigade premiered on March 20, 2015 with "S1E1" (1x01), and ran for three seasons before concluding on September 21, 2016 with "The One with the New Party" (3x23). The show aired live on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, and episodes are archived on the YouTube channel.

Of note, Barky's Brigade was the first long-form TTRPG campaign that aired on Saving Throw.



For a list of episodes, see Barky's Brigade (episodes).

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Barky's Brigade was DM'd by Jameson McDaniel.


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Main Cast

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For a complete list of NPCs, see Barky's Brigade (NPCs).

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