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Aki is an American performer.


Before Saving Throw

Saving Throw

Roles outside Saving Throw


  • Desperate Gamble (Star Wars Edge of the Empire) playing Xyle on Roll20
  • Candlekeep Mysteries (D&D5e) playing Cy the Aurae Druid on the D&D Twitch channel
  • Clear Skies playing Olyn Madzhin-Nil with StreamPunks on QueueTimes
  • Lets Get Wildemount on Critical Bard Twitch

Completed series/one-shots

Other roles

Saving Throw Filmography

Actual Plays

Year Title Role/Position System
2019 Tempting Fate Various Lasers & Feelings
2019 Masks (ALZ Marathon 2019) Val Gilmore Powered by the Apocalypse
2019 Trial by Trolley (RPGES) Trial by Trolley
2019 New Pantheon: Demigods Willow Demigods 
2020 Pirates of Salt Bay Imarielli Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2020 Minions of Mayhem (ALZ 2020) Grimey For the Dungeon
2020 Sub-a-thon 2020 Grizzik Dungeons & Dragons 5e
2020 New Pantheon: Academia S1 Emancipation "Manny" Brown Over Arms
2021 All Games No Masters: The Quiet Year A demon The Quiet Year
2021 AGNM: They Came to Play Ball Palo Meeks They Came to Play Ball
2021 AGNM: Death Takes a Holiday Stel Boxmuller Death Takes a Holiday
2021 AGNM: Dialect Nano Dialect
2021 AGNM: For the Queen Sorl For the Queen
2021 AGNM: Mall Kids Seal Mall Kids
2021 AGNM: Fall of Magic Caspian Fall of Magic
2021 AGNM: Cobwebs Shared character Cobwebs
2021 New Pantheon: Academia S2 Emancipiation "Manny" Brown Over Arms

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