Addi Balmyar is a character played by Havana Mahoney on Pirates of Salt Bay. She made her first appearance in Ghosts of Salt Marsh Ep. 1 of 3.



Addi is most often garbed in pirate finery, as befits her position as captain, and dresses to intimidate and impress. From under her tricorn hat flows curly red hair, with flashing green eyes. In any situation Addi carries herself with authority.

She has recently had a child, and so can sometimes be seen with wild eyes glaring out from underneath a bush of red hair as she is going to or coming from a feeding/diaper change.


Addi's personality has softened since the birth of her daughter, in the way that sandstone is softer than granite. Stubborn, loud-mouthed, and opinionated are the politer words used to describe her by the (mostly male) pirates who cross her path. More accurately, Addi is driven, fiercely loyal to her crew, and won't back down when she believes she's in the right (or if there's profit in being in the wrong). Those close to her see a surprising maternal side, though they would do well not to comment on it, a lesson Eoj has yet to learn. Since Addi has become more open about her love of Eoj of late, perhaps Eoj had the right of it all along.



Character Information

Name Addi Balmyar (she/her)
Class Fighter (Arcane Archer) 11
Race Half Elf
Alignment Neutral Evil
Background Pirate - Bad Reputation
Armor Class 15
Hit Points (Max) 92
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